I've been writing here since March 2007, I can still remember my first post, pressing update and sending it out on the internet. Seems ages ago, which of course it is. However things move on and I've now got my 1960s Music Magazines website where I spend hours, weeks and sometimes months hard at work scanning and uploading. 

This means that my research and spending time on "Opulent Conceptions" is not as regular as it once was. I've also decided to create a new and paid website with Wordpress. I've called my site "Yellow Paper Suns" which was inspired by the lyric from "Kites" by Simon Dupree & the Big Sound. 

My new place of residence on the internet will be a whole lot more personal and I plan to write about many other topics including childhood experiences, comedy, film, fashion, wildlife and many other interests I have. 

There will also be records of course, I want to concentrate on CD releases though and focus on songs that have become long forgotten about or just plainly ignored. I'll also hone in on certain groups such as The Byrds, The Cowsills and Simon Dupree & the Big Sound in particular.

My final post here is over and done with. See you on the other side.

Yellow Paper Suns 

1960s Music Magazines