BIG STAR - "Thirteen" (Big Beat CDWIKK 197) 1998 

I recently found a shoebox full of CDs in my garage. Long thought lost or accidentally thrown out for years, but there the box was, behind two huge bags of compost. Amongst a twety odd CDs by the likes of The Barracudas, The Acrylic Tones, The Wondermints and The Thanes was this one on Big Beat by Big Star.

“September Gurls” is probably their most well known number but I’ve rediscovered “Thirteen” from 1972 which is sublime and a search on YouTube has found this devastating piece of history of the band in the studio. It's the official music video for the Alternate Mix to this classic song featuring archival footage of Big Star members Alex Chilton, Alex Chilton, Chris Bell, Jody Stephens, and Andy Hummel. "Thirteen" was initially released on the album "#1 Record".

In 2009, Rhino released the Alternate Mix on the career-spanning greatest hits compilation "Keep An Eye On the Sky".