GENERATION X - "King Rocker" / "Gimme Some Truth" (Chrysalis CHSD 2261) January 1979

From what I've read in magazines and online Generation X were very close to being dropped by their record Company and they needed a hit record. Enter the well written and executed number "King Rocker" which zoomed it's way up the charts, almost hitting the top ten but stalling just outside at #11.

"King Rocker" has a commercial sound with elements of the stomping glam rockers from earlier in the decade combined with funny lyrics about an imagined fight between Elvis and John Lennon. Who would win?

Those were the days when the hype machine was in full swing and the single was released on various coloured vinyl with each band member having a front cover. My copy is guitarist Bob Andrews. The other side has a meaningful and energetic July 1977 live version of "Gimme Some Truth" originally recorded by John Lennon.