SHAM 69 - "Hurry Up, Harry" / "No Entry" (Polydor POSP 7) October 1978

 I've checked my archives and it's just over nine years since I featured Sham 69 on my site so here goes with another entry, this time a record released a few days after my 14th birthday in October, 1978. I can remember it well back then, it was a popular punk singalong number which made the Top 10.

Who doesn't like going "Dahn the pab" as Jimmy Pursey sang in his Cockney accent. Well, being a kid I hadn't even been inside a pub back then but I did play darts and dominoes and they were featured on the front cover of the single so I knew of the delights to behold apart from drinking Real ale by the pint.

"Hurry Up, Harry" is a commercial punk tune with over the top vocals and fast and loud guitars. Good solid beat by the drummer and a sure fire hit in 1978. This is what the kids wanted.