ALTERED IMAGES - "Dead Pop Stars" / "Sentimental" (Epic EPC A1023) February 1981 

Glasgow group Altered Images had some success in Britain during the early 80s with their quirky pop singles, none of which register on my site. Their debut disc however, is a worthy effort of post punk indie darkness. "Dead Pop Stars" has great appeal although didn't sell, probably way too none commercial for the Charts to start with. Factor in the fact that Beatle John Lennon was murdered two months before the record was released and you've got something which is a little bit too much for the open mourning wounds and masses to deal with.

There's a definite Siouxsie & the Banshees feel to this number, mostly in the rhythms of the drum patterns. Closer inspection of the label reveals that Siouxsie guitarist Steve Severin was the producer. After this record the group chose much more commercial material and with radio friendly appeal the mainstream beckoned.