999 - I'M ALIVE

999 - "I'm Alive" / "Quite Disappointing" (United Artists UP 36519) June 1979

Yesterday I wrote about The Rezillos first single receiving the re-release treatment a couple of years after the original came out and here's another group who enjoyed a similar blessing. 999 proved to be a popular outfit, especially around the London area and their debut disc "I'm Alive" from August 1977 was well received.

Having signed to United Artists 999 released several singles from 1977 to mid 1979, nothing really took off for them in the charts despite some clever numbers with commercial appeal. Their last release for United Artists was a re-release of their debut on the small indie label LaBritain, this time the cover art was changed, but not for the better. The new cover featured an action shot of 999 at a gig.

"I'm Alive" is a rock 'n roll number to my ears, not much of a '77 punk sound but a controlled burst of energy. Their promo material at this time stated that they didn't believe they were a punk band but simply a modern band. I totally get where they were coming from.