BLONDIE - "I Know But I Don't Know" (Chrysalis CDL 1192 ) 1978

I played "Parallel Lines" for the first time in years the other day. I bought a copy back in the day, I was still a schoolboy and remember getting my mother to order it out of her Great Universal catalogue. A few years later a girlfriend asked to borrow it and well, we broke up and I never saw my record again!

Fast forward to 2020 and I'm seriously investing my time and effort on late 70s punk rock and new wave groups. Saw a copy going cheap and decided to buy another "Parallel Lines" As an album it still holds up and sounds very commercial, especially the worldwide hits. I was hoping an obscure gem would jump out between the grooves though and sure enough I wasn't disappointed in Frank Infante's "I Know But I Don't Know"

There is enough space for the group to really rock out during the number, the lyrics don't mean a great deal but who cares. This track is solid and demonstrates that Blondie could really play with an edge and swagger.