THE YARDBIRDS - "Glimpses" (Epic BN 26313) July 1967

It's always been a mystery to me why EMI decided not to release the album "Little Games" by The Yardbirds. I have read that it was a likely move because recent singles had all flopped and their popularity in Britain was ebbing away. This explanation seems a little harsh and ultimately British fans were oblivious to some quite brilliant and awe inspiring moments like "Glimpses". 

With this number The Yardbirds attain some serious third-eye territory with a mesmerizing mind-blower. Listen out for way-out guitar, effects, sitar, other worldly recitation and all meshed together with a psychedelic gregorian chant.

"Energy radiates from the source
The life around us is but a reflection of our own."


  1. I always liked this yardbirds effort (the album little games) although my friends always called it weird. oh well...

    1. "Weird" = "I don't understand."

      They're either not willing or able to get it.


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