Felius Andromeda released only one single during their brief lifespan and it's become one of the most desirable discs to obtain for UK Psych collectors, trouble being of course that obscure psychedelic releases in 1967 are virtually impossible to find.

Fortunately Bam Caruso compiled both sides "Meditations" / "Cheadle Health Delusions" on their 'Rubble 11' sub-titled "Adventures In The Mist"
"Meditations" has since appeared elsewhere but the flip "Cheadle Health Delusions" hasn't had the same treatment and has become just a passing footnote.

I have an extensive 1960s magazine and music weeklies archive and recently found this small Felius Andromeda article in Record Mirror - November 1967. Despite the publicity given to "Meditations" the record wasn't a hit and no more releases ensued.