H.P. LOVECRAFT - "Mobius Trip" (Philip 6336 213) 1968

I bought a copy of "This is H.P.Lovecraft Vol 2" last week for a bargain price. It's the budget release on Philips which I believe was issued some time during 1970 and sounds monumental in stereo, such a fabulous album.

The song I'll focus on is the tripped-out flower folk-rock of "Mobius Trip" written by George Edwards. The song starts with a fluttering noise of keyboard sounds, this butterfly has awoken and is ready to fly free on some kinda trip...a mobius trip...

Enter acoustics, dreamy lead and harmony vocals, echoes of wonderment, pitter-patter jazzy drums, far-out lyrics, probably about tripping to another Galaxy, sweet aural soundscapes washing my mind. But suddenly the psychedelic butterfly has flown away to feed on another flower and we're onto the next track on the album, "High Flying Bird."

"Walking down the street I feel like crashing
Everybody's groovy all their eyes are flashing.
Do you feel that this could be the time,
If the world behind the pantomime
Well everybody's really feelin' fine
A thought like that would really blow my mind."

Song-Hits - February 1968