THE OTHERS - "I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye" / "Until I Heard It From You"  (RCA Victor 47-8669) October 1965

The Others, from Rhode Island, released three memorable singles during 1965/66. This sought after disc was their first and perhaps best, at least amongst 60s garage collectors. "I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye" is a ravin' slab of coolness with a merseybeat influence. The song was also recorded by The Damned in the early 1980s during their Naz Nomad & the Nightmares phaze.

Flip the disc over for a really beautiful folk-rocker with tremelo guitar throughout and exquisite three part harmonies. For me, this has instant appeal and one of the reasons why I'm giving "Until I Heard It From You" post title status and not the more famous A-Side.

Both sides can be found on 'Mindrocker - Volume 9'


  1. I'm the lead guitar player and co-founder of The Others. I'm intrigued by your appreciation for "Until I heard it from you", and thought I'd give you some insight into this song. It was written by Clyde Otis, and when we were getting ready to record "Can't Stand This Love Goodbye", Clyde asked us to record it as the "B" side. He gave us a demo. To be honest, we weren't that crazy about the song, so we decided to add a guitar riff intro (I believe I used an electric 12-string), and all the harmony we could muster (helps to have three people with good pitch), as well as Pete Shepley's echo (Tell him it ain't true, girl, etc.). But I agree with you, it turned out pretty well, and I enjoy listening to even today.


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