OSHUN - "Ridin' With The Milkman" / "Rattle Of Life" (Mercury 72685) April 1967

Now this is a curious one-off single by a performer calling himself Oshun. The B-Side "Rattle Of Life" is like a free-form flipped-out hippie protest rant with minimal musical backing. It's full of sound FX of various 'life' noises such as clocks chiming, cameras rolling, crickets, typewriters, wind, birds etc....really weird one which was compiled on Pebbles Volume 3 "The Acid Gallery"

The top side "Ridin' With The Milkman" is a rather commercial pop song with a folk-rock backing, it was also recorded by Winston G (Decca F 12623) and released during June 1967. At first I didn't care much for "Ridin' With The Milkman" but it's grown on me and is what it is, a pop song.

Billboard - May 1967