NIRVANA - "Tiny Goddess" / "I Believe In Magic" (Island WIP-6016) July 1967

Now, here's a lesson to all those record producers who try to be over-clever on records. Listen, if you will, to this beautifully constructed piece of work.

Jimmy Miller and Muff Winwood have taken a deep brown cello, a piano, a harpsichord, added it to a normal line-up and made it all have a purpose. It sweetly moves with each instrument having a place and a reason. Oh, lovely. The lead singer has a funny little voice of incredible sadness under the words.

It's all like falling leaves and grows and grows on you. In fact, if the voice had been harder this could have been a huge hit. It would be nice if it were anyway. But whatever happens, I love to dream to it.
(Penny Valentine review - Disc & Music Echo - 22/07/67)

UK Chart Position: None



  1. The mighty Fran├žoise Hardy made an incredibly sweet version of "tiny goddess"


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