THE FUN AND GAMES - "Sadie" (UNI 73042) 1968

The album "Elephant Candy" by The Fun and Games is one of those discs that I've had in my collection for many years and enjoying regular spins on my Stanton ST-150 turntable. But somehow, until today, I've never spent an afternoon with it and remastered my vinyl to the digital format.

The Fun And Games were from Houston, TX and basically grew out of the ashes of a ravin' garage band called The Six Pents / The Sixpentz. Some members dropped out and were replaced and a name change to The Fun And Games Commission followed, then shortened to The Fun And Games.

By mid 1968, The Fun And Games were operating and releasing records on the UNI label with this album as their pinnacle. It's such  a memorable collection of songs, a mix of The Beach Boys, The Association and perhaps Sagittarius. Each song has it's merits, loads of first rate harmonies and production values, no fuzz only wonderful vocalised pop.

Rev-Ola re-issue the album on CD some years back which I didn't think I needed because I had most of their records but now I regret that decision. The CD is scarce and rarely shows up and is already much rarer than the original vinyl records!

Check out "Sadie" the opener on Side One. This cut is album only and was never released on any single. The lyrics about marrying a girl called "Sadie" are corny but the music and harmonies are most definately my scene.

Discography as The Fun And Games:
"Elephant Candy" / "The Way She Smiles" (UNI)
"Grooviest Girl In The World" / "It Must Have Been The Wind" (UNI)
"We Gotta Say Goodbye" / "We" (UNI)