JOHN WALKER - "Annabella" / "You Don't Understand Me" (Philips BF 1593) July 1967

It must have been very hard for John Maus late of Walker Brothers fame to decide what sort of song to choose as a first solo single, therefore congratulations all round because this is very nice and I like it. Which really surprised me in a funny way as people had said "Oh it needs lots of plays and you won't like it when you first hear it, but it will grow on you," which is often what people say when they really mean it's not a very good record.

Well, this is all breathless and the tune is very much like "Sunny." An odd little song about how he loves her and she mustn't take any notice of the boy who's after her, it all ends suspended in mid-air. I like listeneing to it and John's voice has an uncertain charm which endears me to the record more.
(Penny Valentine review - Disc & Music Echo - July, 1967)

UK Chart Position: 24