DENNY LAINE - "Say You Don't Mind" / "Ask The People" (Deram DM 122) April 1967

This is Denny's first solo record since his split with the Moody Blues, and for the real effect you should play it at least five times. I know people will say this is cheating, because a hit record will smack into you on first playing, but I don't always think this is true-certainly not with this record.

Beautifully arranged and produced with guitars and strings sounding as they never have before-clean and clear as crystal water. Denny wrote this himself and it has a super hook line. My only complaint is that he has a lovely pained voice and by double tracking it they've submerged that quality a little. A favourite, though, despite that.

(Penny Valentine review - Disc & Music Echo 15/04/67)

UK Chart Position: None