Visitors have probably noticed a dramatic lack of posts here of late and that's mostly down to spending my time and effort away from here updating my 1960s music magazines website.

Here's the link for anyone interested. This year my focus is on 1967 in honour of that magical psychedelic twelve months, exactly 50 years ago!

60s Music Magazines

also of interest to some will be my 60s magazines and ephemera Facebook page.

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  1. fabulous pages from 1967,and beautifully scanned and labelled.I first started getting the NME in early '67 and remember always checking the last page first to see how many pages there were because i believe there were sometimes as few as 12,and i'd feel glad if it had 16 pages and also the alley cat gossip columns were good for their snarky comments on the back page.
    Great to see those pages from MM and Beat Instrumental the latter has always been underrated perhaps because of the sean o'mahoney involvement but i've always found it very interesting and covering many aspects of pop culture. I've a few copies of the BI and should try to scan them sometime.

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