THE ROBB STORME GROUP - "Here Today" / "But Cry" (Columbia DB 7993) August 1966

The Beach Boys were probably America's biggest pop group import into Britain during the mid sixties but very few UK outfits recorded their songs. But here's one by The Robb Storme Group who at the time were the regular backing group of Paul & Barry Ryan.

"Here Today" is a cut from "Pet Sounds" and is ably covered here, the arrangement from Wilson Malone is neat and tidy, the vocal harmonies are excellent too. It must have been a daunting task to even get close to The Beach Boys original.

The flip "But Cry" is also good. Both sides have never troubled the compilers either, but if anyone should ever create a Beach Boys collection of songs recorded by other groups and artists The Robb Storme Group should receive some serious consideration.

Wilson Malone and other members became The Orange Bicycle and the former released a very sought after and expensive solo album on Morgan Blue Town in 1969. Lewis Collins, the actor who played Bodie in "The Professionals" was the bass player in The Robb Storme Group!

Robb Storme (vocals)
Tony Ollard (guitar)
Lewis Collins (bass)
Jim St. Pier (piano)
Wilson Malone (drums)
songs recorded at: Landsdowne Studios, London