THE MERSEYS - "So Sad About Us" / "Love Will Continue" (Fontana TF 732) July 1966

I like the way The Merseys always succeed in maintaining a strong melodic content, despite the fast moving pace. This is such a catchy tune that it opens with a la-la chorus, before breaking into an absorbing vocal blend.

Storms along at a stirring pace, accentuated by tambourine and cymbal crashes, plus brass in the deep background. A Pete Townshend number which deserves to be big.

Flip: Tempo slackens to slightly under medium pace. This has a pronounced plaintive feel, and a rippling accompaniment with a clavioline effect. (NME review, July 1966)

Pete Townshend song, faintly reminiscent, but a strong, repetitive line about it. The boys get a big, rather brash sound going, building well - The Phil - Dennis arrangement is cleverly designed to off-shoot the voices. A compulsive, odd worded, hit sound all round. Flip is gentler but also sound. (Record Mirror review, July 1966)

RAVE - July 1966