THE MERSEYS - "The Cat" / "Change Of Heart" (Fontana TF 845) June 1967

The Merseys sing a little song of jealousy on this rock-a-beater item with them in fine vocal form. It has a good tune and a grow-on-you appeal. Nice. And should give them their first hit since "Sorrow."
Flip: penned by Tony, features some barrel-house piano, a stomping beat and soft vocals. (Record Mirror review - June, 1967)

A David and Jonathan composition - and a real pile driver it is, too. Am exhilarating thumper, with an absorbing lyric which makes up for what it lacks in melody. The Merseys generate an intriguing vocal sound, often taking off into flights of falsetto. A wild, twangy, instrumental passage completes a disc that has all the hallmarks of a hit. But I have to be cautious about it's chances, as the group's been out of the limelight for a while.
Flip: a bouncy, jog trotting rhythm, highlighted by tinkling barrel-house piano. Almost in the Good-Time style. Again, a commendable vocal blend.  (NME review - June, 1967) 

NME - January, 1967