THE MERSEYBEATS - "I Stand Accused" / "All My Life" (Fontana TF 645) December 1965

There is something about this track that I find fascinating. It certainly isn't the melody - there's not really a tune you can whistle. Maybe it's the intriguing lyric which holds the attention, or perhaps it's that insistent thump beat which persists throughout - together with an underlying tinkling effect.

More likely, it's a blend of all these factors. In any event, it's a disc that's well worth hearing, and one which must stand a chance.

Flip: Tempo slows for this wistful number. Not so forceful as the top side, but more melodic. Mainly solo voice, with harmony and handclapping support. (NME review - December, 1965)

Kit Lambert production for the recent hit-makers and a song that has a load of power, a repetitive quality that is very commercial and some first rate vocal touches. It builds well, too, holding the interest at a mid-tempo styling. Should be a sizeable hit. (Record Mirror - December, 1965).

Charted: 38 

Edsel vinyl compilation from the 1980s exploring The Merseybeats Beat and Ballad cuts

three Merseybeats members with Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp in the background