THE SPIRES OF OXFORD - "But You're Gone" / "I Really Do" (MY Records 5096) July 1967

Believe it or not but this crude teen garage punk record was released during the same month as The Beatles' "Sgt Pepper" album. Their world and sound couldn't have been further apart.

According to "Teenbeat Mayhem" The Spires Of Oxford hailed from Oxford, Massachusetts and this was their only shot at the big time. Not that they would have had any chance of the big time of course. Perhaps only 500 copies of this record were ever pressed. It's quite a difficult record to locate and doesn't crop up on eBay, the internet or Set Sales that often.

"But You're Gone" sees the boys invent a Kinks like riff which they utilize throughout, perhaps it's all they can play. The two finger organ solo is great and I wish it went on longer. This song was covered by The Brood and released as a single in 1991. I'll cover that 45 next time.

The other side "I Really Do" is an awful crooner style ballad and is not my scene. These guys should have stuck with their primitive rockers.


  1. Their MY cut(s) are on the Psychedelic States-Arkansas CD. Says they were from Pine Bluff, AR. (not Massachusetts)! An Arkansas Garage blog has a great photo of the band. They have also been said to be from Oxford, Mississippi. I was at Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) in 1967 when their MY sides were (supposedly) cut in Little Rock; however; I do not recall the band. There was a pretty large contingent of students from Pine Bluff and eastern Arkansas attending Ole Miss in the late it is possible some members of the group could have been among them...hence the confusion. I do have a copy of the MY 45 in my collection.


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