THE PRETTY THINGS - "Private Sorrow" / "Balloon Burning" (Columbia DB 8494) November 1968

Everyone who visits my blog will know about The Pretty Things and their story has been told numerous times via fanzines and CD re-issue liners. For any novice out there start by obtaining a collection of their R&B period then move onto their psychedelic era where much treasure is available to be enjoyed.

This fabulous Pretty Things single from the back end of 1968 combines "Private Sorrow" with "Balloon Burning." Both songs feature on their studio album "S.F. Sorrow." Several online commentators have suggested that this single didn't stand a chance mainly because the songs were recorded within a loosely based concept album and perhaps were lost on the buying public. I just think lack of any promotion and the fact that the serious heads were no longer buying 45s in late 1967/68 was the reason why The Pretty Things had single miss after miss. Perhaps this is the reason why "Private Sorrow" is The Pretty Things most difficult single to find on Columbia.

"Balloon Burning" is a fierce turned-on psych rocker with a killer guitar solo. It's certainly one of their finest.