PEPPER & THE SHAKERS - "Semi-Psychedelic" / "I'll Always Love You" (Coral 62523) June 1967

The location of the very obscure group Pepper & The Shakers is unconfirmed, some sources suggest Michigan while Teenbeat Mayhem did not add the location or speculate. Little has ever been written about them either and no photo has ever surfaced. Quite a mystery for a combo on a major label.

"Semi-Psychedelic (It Is)" is a tripped out psychedelic nugget oozing in fuzztones and what sounds like Echoplex delay. The lyrics seem to be dealing with an acid trip.

"The doors are shut behind us....the strobe lights are working...nothing else exists....
semi-psychedelic...all kinds of can't look at anything too long....there's still more changes coming..."

The other side "I'll always Love You" is decent pop with a touch of jangle.