EPISODE SIX - "I Can See Through You" / "When I Fall In Love" (Pye 7N.17376) October 1967

This is yet another single released during October 1967 that simply soared outta the psychedelic airwaves but as with so many records back in those heady tripped-out days this one by Episode Six went to nowheresville.

"I Can See Through You" is a very under-rated psych masterpiece that rarely (if ever) gets mentioned in those trendy lists of Top 10 this or Top 100 that of 60s psychedelic songs. I can't think why this particular trip eludes the writers. Perhaps this is the greatest song future Deep Purple member Roger Glover ever wrote.

Another future Deep Purple member was Ian Gillan and his vocals here are treated in the mid '67 style makin' them a joyous rush of  Who-like aural sorcery. The Revolver period bass notes are superb and the obscure psychedelic lyrics are mind melters. Then half way through this exhilaration everything stops except for flutes and voices, then it all starts up again. The middle section seems likes its taken from a motion picture epic as the Roman army marches off to war...then flutes and coral voices return....Perfection!



  1. This is cracking! Thank you for introducing it to us. Much appreciated.


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