THE INEXPENSIVE HANDMADE LOOK - "What Good Is Up" / "Ice Cream Man" (Brunswick 55334) July 1967

Here's a record I bought earlier this year but have just made some time to write about. First of all, what a name. Who on earth came up with something like The Inexpensive Handmade Look especially when they had previously released a couple of singles as the rather unimaginative The Counts IV. Quite a change eh?

I first became aware of the Yardbirds inspired pounder "What Good Is Up" via a bootleg vinyl compilation from the late eighties called "Psychedelic Disaster Whirl" and raved about it ever since. I didn't suffer any hesitation blues when a copy was up for sale on eBay. Pulled the trigger, it's all mine!

Sundazed released a Counts IV single back in 2005 containing two 'unreleased' gems by the band, recorded sometime in 1966. One was a cover version of "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" and a song marked on the demo audiodisc as "Discussion Of The Unorthodox Council" which is this Brunswick side... so the song WAS released but with a different title both for song and group name!

COUNTS IV - "Listen To Me" / "Lost Love" (JCP 1006) late 1964
COUNTS IV - "Spoonful" / "Where Are You" (Date 2-1526) September 1966
INEXPENSIVE HANDMADE LOOK - "What Good Is Up" / "Ice Cream Man" (Brunswick 55334) July 1967
COUNTS IV - "Discussion Of The Unorthodox Council" / "Spoonful" / "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" (Sundazed SEP-179) 2005


  1. great 45-I also own a copy bought years ago in London.


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