THE BLUEBEARDS - "Come On-A My House" / "I'm Home" (Date 2-1547) February 1967

It's exactly 9 years ago to the day that I started my music blog and what a trip it's been. To celebrate I've re-visited my first ever post and updated it with added information and a YouTube creation.

I dig this 45 by The Bluebeards. The top side 'Come On-A My House' is a fast paced psych mover with an 'Eastern' vibration. Not sure where the band originated from, so if anyone knows be sure to let me know. The song was written by Ross Bagdasarian (later to be known as David Seville of "Witch Doctor" and Chipmunks fame) and his cousin, playwright William Saroyan.

The flip 'I'm Home' is also cool but is more of a homage to the fab four. It kinda sounds like merseybeat but with the obvious updated sounds of '67...and it's a 'turned-on' swinger. Yeah! The writer credits for this song is E. Michaels.

"Come On-A My House" was recently compiled on "Sideburn Sounds" on Fuzzadelic. As far as I know "I'm Home" has not troubled the compilers.


  1. Producer/Arranger Al Kasha's name turns up on lots of great pop 45s throughout the sixties, Bubblegum fans will be familiar with his name in the small print. Forgive my nitpicking but Saville's success with the Chipmunks predated this 45. His solo work under his real name is worth checking out.

  2. "I'm Home" is a great homage to the Beatles. BUT crank it up and you can almost hear the savage guitar solo that was mixed out. And that's what it needed to make it fantastic.


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