RABBIT MACKAY & THE SOMIS RHYTHM BAND - "Lana Minus Life" (UNI 73026) June 1968

I bought this album back in 2003, played it once, didn't dig it much mainly because I heard nothing like their earlier psych rocker single "Tendency To Be Free" so I filed it away on the shelf. I'd almost forgot about it but that was until Rabbit Mackay was mentioned on Facebook earlier this week.

Half an hour later I'm giving "Bug Cloth" a spin for the first time in over a decade and I'm now beginning to dig it from start to finish, even the couple of songs where there's use of a kazoo ain't too bad. The music is varied and interesting, blues and folk based with the occasional dalliance into a West Coast psych vibration perfectly demonstrated by my choice cut "Lana Minus Life."

"Lana Minus Life" gets into a laid back hippie groove and I start to drift away to Rabbit's 'spoken' vocals, then a snaking acid guitar break worms away in the background. Love the burst of harmonica as the song closes and ebbs away.

Billboard - June 1968

Billboard - June 1968


  1. This was one of my favorite records since the late '60s when it came out. You want rock n roll? Play Candy from this record!

  2. By the way, Tendency To Be Free came out after this LP, and also appeared on the second LP Passing Through.


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