THE FOX - "Look In The Sky" (Polydor) 1970

Late 60s psychedelic group The Fox released one sought after album during 1970 called "For Fox Sake" which successfully merged psych and progressive rock sounds, in particular the heavy use of hammond organ.

My choice cut is "Look In The Sky" and one for my 'psychedelic sky' series of posts. Here's part of an interview with Fox guitarist and singer Steve Brayne, taken from the Marmalade Skies website. Full article can be found  here.

So What happened when you met up with the guys?
Tim and I met in a pub and he told me that he, Alex, Nick and Dave Windross had got together with a bunch of songs ("Second Hand Love", "Birthday Card") and were planning to go professional as a band playing originals. I said I had a few songs too ("Mr Blank", "Man In A Fast Car", "Butterfly", "Glad I Could", "Madame Magical") and that maybe we should get together. We did - it clicked. 

Alex and I started writing together and came up with songs like "Look In The Sky" and "As She Walked Away". Lenny Barker, who’d been the bass player in the Alex Lane Group and who’d also been at school with Alex, Tim and I, became our manager. We rehearsed and rehearsed in a room above a pub and eventually we recorded a demo at Regent Sound in Denmark Street. Not long after that we got Winston Weatherill in on guitar. He was the local guitar hero from Gary Farr & The T-Bones. Nick left the band and Alex and I took over vocals from Nick. That was the final line-up.

What was you repertoire in those days?
We started rehearsing in late summer 1968 and were doing our own material plus a song by The Idle Race (can't remember the title), a Vanilla Fudge (slowed down and heavy) style version of "Day Tripper", "Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart", "The Cat" (an instrumental by Jimmy Smith) used to be our stage intro, one or two R&B things - one was called "Sure Gonna Mess Him Up" (by who?) and so on. Mostly we played our own thing.

What kind of venues did you play?
Our first gig was supporting The Herd on Brighton seafront and we gigged round the local colleges, like the Art College and the Polytechnic. A local agent called Mike Clayton (known to The Mike Stuart Span as well!) got us a few gigs round the southeast but he was more hot air than performance.
Other gigs we got through our own contacts. Our first gig supporting The Herd on the seafront at Brighton during the festival, supporting Aynsley Dunbar's Blue Whale at Bristol University, supporting Principal Edward’s Magic Theatre at a couple of different venues in Bristol and Kettering. Those are the ones I remember.