CANNERY ROW - "Stand By Me" / "Sweet Water" (World Pacific 77925) July 1969

I had no idea about this record until I was contacted by Gerry Blake via Facebook who informed me that he was in a group called Cannery Row after his previous band The Avengers broke up. Cannery Row were prior to the album he was part of by The United Sons Of America.

He obviously forgot to mention this after we were in contact about The Avengers some years ago! Anyway, I made an effort to track down the Cannery Row 45 and obtained a copy within weeks from a UK source.

"Sweet Water" has that typical late 60s American rock sound, influenced no doubt by groups such as Vanilla Fudge and The Young Rascals with heavy use of hammond organ. This song was composed by Gerry. The A-Side "Stand By Me" is more soulful with crooner style lead vocals and harmonies.
My preference is "Sweet Water."

Larry Goldberg is the famous West Coast producer of the disc who is well known in psychedelic circles having worked with numerous outfits including The Other Half, The Love Exchange and The Neighb'rhood Childr'n.

Another Cannery Row release followed this one in April 1970 on World Pacific 77936. I believe it was a radio station promo single with "Oh Suzannah" on both sides.

Gerry Blake, Ron Sackman and Gary Bernard were ex members of The Avengers.  

Ron Sackman - lead guitar

Tom Keene - bass guitar

Gerry Blake - keyboards

Gary Bernard - drums



  1. Colin great post. I enjoyed both sides. Thanks for posting.


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