BRYAN MACLEAN "Orange Skies" 1966

Following on from my earlier post of the Love version of "Orange Skies" here's songwriter Bryan Maclean's earlier acoustic demo. Just Bryan, his guitar and those unique tender vocals.

Extract from Sundazed's Bryan MacLean CD retrospective "Ifyoubelievein" from 1997.
In those few instances when MacLean's songwriting matched Lee's exacting standards, the actual recording sessions were stressful and, to MacLean, often disappointing. He didn't even get to sing "Orange Skies" on Da Capo: Lee did the honours.

"That was the closest Arthur and I ever got to a fist fight", he says of the September 27, 1966 session for the song. "I never felt that he was on pitch. Maybe he didn't miss as bad as I thought he did while we were in the studio. But he misses on orange. I don't think he quite got the notes. Then again, he was always singing out of his range."