SYNDICATE OF SOUND - "Little Girl" / "You" (Stateside SS-523) June 1966

This fabulous group quickly earned a happenin' reputation in San Jose during the mid 60s and broke through Nationally with their memorable folk-jangle beat winner "Little Girl." The single was originally released on the tiny Hush label in small quantity but the 45 was picked up by Bell Records and re-released in April 1966.

The record went Top #10 and footage exists of them performing this song on a TV Show. The record even got a UK release on Stateside some months later in June but it went no where fast.

"Little Girl" got a new lease of life during the punk rock era with releases by The Banned who had a Top 40 hit at the back end of 1977. The Dead Boys also released a live version on the B-Side of "Sonic Reducer" in December 1977.

French release