GIANT CRAB - "E.S.P." / "Hot Line Conversation" (UNI 509) September 1969

Giant Crab, from Santa Barbara, CA are very well represented on the internet so I won't delve too deeply into their history. An excellent reference point is here. I have all of their vinyl records, and there are many, they come with my recommendation if you're likely to dig late 60s sounds, with brass and a heavy progressive style of rock 'n roll.

I'm currently researching the song "E.S.P." and my past and more recent posts have examined the groups who have recorded this obscure tune from it's original composition "£.s.d" by The Pretty Things right up to the 1970 version by Big Brother featuring Ernie Joseph.

Giant Crab's version was recorded sometime in mid 1969. It's a real heavy outing with blistering fuzz guitar, pounding drums, brass and an overdose of phasing. I believe that it's a very popular disc to spin at "60s Nights" but that's just what I've read elsewhere. I wouldn't know for sure because I don't go to these events.

My copy pictured is a rare UK pressing on the UNI label. I don't suppose that there will be that many of these in circulation.

Giant Crab - photo taken from here


  1. I recently (re) discovered this band when listening again to a Uni label compilation I made from Internet some years ago. What a great band. i'd love to have also all of their disco on vinyle ! ;-) Thanks for remembering this.


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