TOMMY T'S FEDERAL RESERVE - "Take The Midnight Train" / "Grow Up Someday" (Cadet 5584) November 1967

This combo from Des Moines, Iowa were previously on IGL Records and released some 45s under the name of Tommy Tucker & The Esquires. They then moved to Cadet and released two singles, this being the first, under the name of Tommy T's Federal Reserve.

They were a well known act in Iowa and have been inducted in their Rock 'n' Roll "Hall Of Fame"
A good source of information can be found here.

Perhaps their most well known cut in 60s garage circles is the teenbeat gem "Don't Tell Me Lies."  (IGL 121). Check it out on the compilation 'Monsters Of The Mid-West #2' 

Here are some snippets of information taken from the liners of the "IGL Rock Story - Part One (1965 - 67)"

Who was Tommy Tucker?
"Tommy had more ambition and could get himself into more problems than anyone we ever had in the studio. One time in particular he was coming up from Des Moines and his mother packed him a lunch with some hard boiled eggs, so Tommy said. "What do you do with eggs you don't like? Naturally you throw them at another car." He did, and ended up at the police station. The police in Spencer called me and I had to get Tommy and his band out of jail before they could come up and record.

He wrote a song and had a problem with the copyright because of his name. Apparently "Tommy Tucker" was already copyrighted so he had to show proof with his birth certificate that it was his actual name.

As with a lot of little bands from around here, The Esquires drove a used hearse, which was a big vehicle that could hold all their equipment along with four or five guys. 

Tommy Tucker later went on to build a recording facility in Des Moines called Triad Studio and then left to become one of the head engineers at Paisley Park in Minneapolis."
(Cliff Plagman - IGL Records)



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