THE MISSING LINKS - "Not To Bother Me" (Sundazed LP-5422) 2012

Little "Bobo" has to get used to my music preferences. Currently he has his tiny head spinnin' with The Missing Links and their R&B punk album from 1965.
You'll get used to it son and will become the hippest cat in Washington.

The Missing Links have a most unusual claim to fame - they're different! They're original! They have their own sound, not borrowed, not copied. They write a lot of their own material and it too has an originality and individualism, that makes "The Links" music the best thing that's 'happened' to the pop scene for a long time.

This is their first LP. It was recorded over a period of two months, shortly after The Links signed to Philips Records in September 1965. It includes "You're Driving Me Insane" written by Hutch, the drummer, and "Wild About You" the group's latest single, written by Andy, who sings both numbers.

Andy is also heard in another of his own songs "Speak No Evil" as well as "Some Kinda Fun" and Bob Dylan's "On The Road Again". Bass guitarist Ian Thomas vocalises on "Nervous Breakdown" and his own composition "Not To Bother Me." Not to be outdone, Doug Ford, the group's lead guitarist sings one he wrote "Hobo Man." It has a Jimmy Reed feel about it. The vocal on "All I Want" is John, he plays rhythm guitar and has a lot to do with the wild feedback sound achieved by The Links. Chris plays piano, organ, harmonica, and sings on "Bald Headed Woman" and "Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut" which features one of the wildest instrumental breaks ever put down by any group. The last track on the album "H'tuom Tuhs" is a 'way out' piece that exemplifies The Links' lust for originality.

The Links have been together now for about four months and have already established a reputation of having the wildest stage act in Australia. Maracas, tambourines, conga drums, and even microphones are constantly getting broken during their live performances. They are planning interstate tours and hope to visit all Australian capitols as well as New Zealand during 1966.

The average age is around 18 and Andy the group's vocalist, who also plays the conga drums comes from Auckland. His singing is in the 'blues shout' style and his favourites are Dylan, John Lee Hooker and Little Richard. Chris used to play harmonica on 'country blues' groups and jug bands.
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