THE BYRDS - "She Has A Way" (Murray Hill Records MH-70318) 1987

It seems a very long time ago since I wrote about The Byrds on my blog so that's about to change today. Last week I bought "Never Before" for the third time. I bought a vinyl copy in 1987 followed by the CD version a few years later when they were all the rage.

Foolishly sold my vinyl copy in the 90s and suffered BAD Byrds karma ever since..... so bought another LP and now I feel so cleansed and refreshed. Back in the late 80s it was a revelation hearing previously unheard Byrds music from 1965/67. This was all pre-Sundazed of course and their constant re-issues etc. 

I couldn't believe just how killer "It Happens Each Day", "She Has A Way" "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" "Triad" - true stereo "Mr Tambourine Man" earlier version of "Eight Miles High"
The booklet is fab too, lots of pics.....

I'll focus on the sublime "She Has A Way" - Like a number of songs from the 'Preflyte' album of 1964 Byrds demos, this Gene Clark composition was re-cut for Columbia for inclusion on the 'Mr Tambourine Man' album. It was left off to make room for outside material (see Dylan, DeShannon, Seeger).


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