GORDON ALEXANDER - "Thinking In Indian Again" (Columbia CS 9693) 1968

It's back to finding some long lost nuggets on albums and here's a very interesting one by obscure late 60s singer songwriter Gordon Alexander. "Gordon's Buster" is not one of those immediate albums that blows your mind, it will take a couple of plays over a day or two before the songs and rhythms start sinking in and making sense.

It's a very diverse collection of freak rock, psych tinged folk with jazzy & blues touches. Checking out the cover information reveals that renowned Producer Curt Boettcher worked on three songs "Looking For The Sun" "Windy Wednesday" and "Miss Mary" - all of these cuts have his unmistakable soft psych touches. I've read elsewhere that members of his own band The Millenium also helped with instrumentation throughout.

The other songs on the album, including my highlight "Thinking In Indian Again" were produced by Sonny Knight with arrangements by David Angel fresh from his work with Fever Tree and Love's "Forever Changes"

"Thinking In Indian Again" is a short burst of psychedelia notable for the way-out and trippy guitar sound.

"How is your mind bending, how is your mind bending.
I like to fly using my middle eye on a beam to the end of the brain."

One single was taken from the album as a promo sent to radio stations "One Real Spins Free" / "Topango" during July 1968.


  1. Gah, dat beez a purty strange wan never heard cheers mon


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