1910 FRUITGUM CO - "Hip Hip Hip Urrah!" / "(Poor Old) Mr Jensen" (Buddah Records BD-75.018) April 1968

Sifting through the bubblegum hits of the Buddah Records label brings me to this little known obscurity by 1910 Fruitgum Co. On the other side of the "Hip Hip Hip Urrah!" is the soothing mellowness of "(Poor Old) Mr Jensen". The Italians didn't even bother putting the title of this B-Side on the fab sleeve of their release, instead making room to mention that they were the "1,2,3 Red Light" hit makers.

"(Poor Old) Mr Jensen" is notable for it's inclusion of the piccolo trumpet and baroque feel throughout. It's like a mini and cheaper produced version of something like "Penny Lane"
Groups like these of course didn't have the luxury of spending weeks in Abbey Road Studios.

The song was also released as a B-Side by Jerry & Jeff. Check it out on the B-Side of "Sweet Sweet Lovin' You" on Super K from December 1968. It's only an instrumental version though.
It was also recorded by The Katz-Kasenetz Orchestral Circus Singers.


  1. The instrumental track of "Poor Old Mr. Jensen" (minus the piccolo trumpet), played in reverse, was re-released on another Buddha records single. Re-titled "Zig Zag", and credited to "Ohio Express", it's the B-side to "Yummy Yummy Yummy" (you know the one, "I've got love in my tummy").


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