THE SLAVES - "Never Free" (Philips 339415 PF) 1966

Fans of European rhythm 'n beat have longed for an official Slaves document for decades and "Ralph Apple" was very close to securing the rights to release a Slaves retrospective including all sides of the rare Charles Ryders Corporation tracks (including the ones from the movie) but this bootleg of German origin appeared recently. So it's now very doubtful if there will ever be an official Slaves collection.

Although "Shut Up!" is a bootleg it actually sounds great, the packaging is also very good and the back cover liners are decent and informative. So, I'm very happy to have this in my collection which comprises all six sides of their three singles released on Philips during 1966.

My taster from the set is the Don Everly penned "Never Free" the B-Side of "Shut Up" I researched this Everly Brothers song and drew a blank that was until Mike Stax informed me via Facebook that The Everly's original version was titled "Nancy's Minuet" released as a single February 1963. The other side was "So It Always Will Be"