THE DRUIDS OF STONEHENGE - "Six Feet Down" (UNI  73004) July 1967

Here's an interesting garage psych album recorded by a group originally from New York but sometime in late 1966 relocated to Los Angeles, eventually securing a record deal with UNI Records. Their album "Creation" is always listed as a 1968 release.

I made some investigations about this apparent 1968 release because I've always had my suspicions, especially as a single "A Garden Where Nothing Grows" / "Painted Woman" was released during July 1967. This 45 was listed in Billboard magazine as a new release in July '67 and both songs are from the album.

Further more "Creation" was released just after "That Acapulco Gold" by The Rainy Daze (UNI 73002) and before
The Strawberry Alarm Clock "Incense and Peppermints" (UNI 73014) which I believe came out end of October / early November 1967.

Anyway, back to the music. "Creation" is an impressive long player delivered by a band working on all cylinders. Most songs are forceful and tough R&B mixed with psych guitar and fuzz leads. The nearest group I can compare them with is probably The Chocolate Watch Band who had a similar vibration.

I've always had a soft spot for the trippy harpsichord laced  "Six Feet Down" which I first heard in the late 80s on a compilation called "Baubles." They've also utilized Yardbirds styled 'gregorian chants' giving it that eerie charm.

My copy is on Sundazed, mastered from the original analog tapes. They've even used original cover art front and back. A highly recommended vinyl release.

David Budge - lead vocals
Carl Hauser - lead guitar, harpsichord, vocals
Steven Tindall - drums, organ
Billy Tracy - guitar
Tom Paine Workman - bass, slide guitar, vocals



  1. Carl Hauser here. First, we were the Druids. The "Stonehenge" was added by some marketing consultant. "Garden where nothing grows" and "Painted Woman" were chosen for release by our theiving producer, Jerry Goldstein because they were both written (and produced) by our theiving producer, Jerry Goldstein. UNI had decided they wanted to be the "psychedelic label" so that's how Jerry pushed us. It was a terrible experience for a bunch of young, idealistic blues players and it took 50 years to get over. But we're still here. If any one is interested in what we would have sounded like produced right, check out www.theDruidsof or look for the "Resurrection" album on iTunes. Four of the 10 cuts are on the Druids Facebook page. More to come. An all original album is also to follow in early 2020. Stay cool!


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