THE DOORS - "Indian Summer" (Elektra 42 080) February 1970

The fifth Doors album was mostly recorded during November 1969 and is far superior than "The Soft Parade" but just like the latter, the critics didn't dig it that much. I tend not to bother with music reviews preferring to check things out for myself. All in all though "Morrison Hotel" is an excellent long player, largely blues based. The opener "Roadhouse Blues" is thunderous.

My pick is the mystical ballad "Indian Summer" which for some reason was forgotten about until this album. The song was actually recorded during 1966 and seemingly left in the can. Another song not quite ready for their third LP and left off that album is "Waiting For The Sun" despite the song being the album's title!

Sales wise "Morrison Hotel" was a success reaching #4 in America and #12 in the UK.