THE WRONG SOCIETY - "She Destroyed Me" / "Without You" (Market Square Records MSR-11) August 2015

This single released a couple of weeks ago on Market Square Records is a two sided garage gem by Hamburg group The Wrong Society. They've been active for two years or so now and have more singles to investigate which of course I recommend.

"She Destroys Me" owes it's sound to mid 80s garage revival, think of The Gruesomes or The Gravedigger Five and you'll get the picture. The other side "Without You" is a loner style 60s teen punk weeper with killer fuzz and happenin' organ cascades. Both sides are group originals.

misc details:
The record was recorded by Heiko Herzog at Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios in Hamburg, Germany.
Limited to 300 copies, housed in a company sleeve and including a hand-numbered postcard.
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