THE AMERICAN BREED - "I Don't Think You Know Me" / "Give Two Young Lovers A Chance" (Acta 45-802) March 1967

Hugely successful MOR pop group from Chicago. Most of their songs are way too brassy for my taste but this folk-rock gem written by the Goffin-King partnership is well worth repeated listens.

This was their debut 45 as The American Breed, they had been previously known as Gary and the Night Lights then simply The Lite Nights before signing to Acta.

'I Don't Think You Know Me' was also recorded twice by The Monkees during 1966 but never released. Their first version was recorded on the 25th June 1966 with Micky Dolenz and Mike Nesmith handling lead vocal duties. This version was meant to be aired during Season 1 of their TV Show but for whatever reason this did not happen.

Their second recording of the song took place on 13th October 1966 with Peter Tork providing lead vocal. Both versions have since been released as extras on those Rhino re-issues from the 90s.

both recorded versions of "I Don't Think You Know Me" by The Monkees


  1. interesting that another Illinois band, The Warner Brothers did a Goffin-King song, also done by the Monkees, "I Won't Be the Same Without Her." Of course being on Dunwich, Bill Traut was involved with that one too.

  2. I'm very much looking forward to your spotlight on Atca Records. Can't wait to hear the gems you choose to feature!


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