THE TRIPPERS - "Dance With Me" / "Keep A Knockin" (Dot 45-16947) August 1966

Onwards with my Dot Records reviews brings me to The Trippers who are believed to come from the State of California, probably based in Los Angeles. A few sites indicate Hollywood. Wherever they were based "Dance With Me" / "Keep A Knockin" was first released on the small Ruby-Do label then picked up by Dot Records for a wider distribution.

"Keep A Knockin" is a happenin' version of the Little Richard rocker. The Trippers add a raunchy guitar sound and a chugging beat. The vocals are determined, almost a shout. The song has been recorded by many outfits including Johnny Rivers, Everly Brothers, Dave Clark Five, The Outlaws and The Rivieras.

"Dance With Me" does not have the same excitement for me, the pace is quite slow with a boogaloo beat. Both sides remain uncompiled. By the way, it appears that the single has recently been bootlegged in Greece with a limited run of 200.

The Trippers released a second and final single months later, again on Ruby-Do. "Taking Care Of Business" / "Charlena." It was then picked up by GNP Crescendo for a wider distribution. I have a copy.  

I have found a couple of European picture sleeves uploaded to the internet on eBay and I've decided to post them here. I don't normally do this but have done so in this instance because nothing much is known about the combo and they  indicate that The Trippers were a trio. I have yet to determine their full names.