THE SYNDICATE - "The Egyptian Thing" / "She Haunts You" (Dot 45-16807) December 1965

If you dig harp wailin' wild and savage R&B then this 45 by The Syndicate should be on your wants list. I don't have an original, expect to pay several hundred dollars if you're ever lucky enough to be offered one. What I do have though, is a beautifully done reproduction which plays and sounds superb.

The Syndicate hailed from Long Beach, CA and released two singles before disappearing into the ether. That was until recently when Break-A-Way Records in Germany located and released an album's worth of unreleased Syndicate ACTion (including all four single sides).

I don't have this but I'm sure it sounds outasite. "The Egyptian Thing" deals with the typical angst of male teens. His girl says she loves him and will always be true only to find that she's been playing with another.

So, the top side is an absolute garage classic and obtained a score of "10" in 'Teenbeat Mayhem' which is no mean feat. The other side "She Haunts You" brings the pace right down. It's a moody nugget with tremolo guitar and worth repeated blasts on the turntable.

"The Egyptian Thing" was compiled on 'Chosen Few' and 'Back From The Grave #7"


  1. What a killer record! 'She Haunts You' has been a personal fave ever since I heard it as the leadoff track on the No No No compilation. A life changing disc. I didn't know there was a repro of the 45. Must get one..


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