THE SHERLOCKS - "Too Good To Be True" / "Shades Of Blue" (Dot 45-16953) September 1966

It is believed that The Sherlocks hailed from Sylvester, Georgia. Nothing has ever been written about them online or in fanzines and they're one of those mid 60s combo's that are way under the radar.

Their first single for Dot Records was the super cool fuzz rocker "Skin Of My Teeth" backed with a spellbinding folk-janger "Turn Her Down." I don't have a copy and it's very sought after. Expect to pay in the region of $400 if you ever see one for sale.

"Turn Her Down" was first recorded by Barry Allen and released in Canada. His version is more pop than folk-rock. "Skin Of My Teeth" was compiled back in the late 80s on "Sixties Rebellion #5"

The Sherlocks second and last Dot 45 was "Too Good To Be True" written by Ramona Wingate. It's a moody beat affair and sounds very much influenced by The Zombies, at least to my ears. The other side "Shades Of Blue" as the title suggests, is a bluesy outing with organ.
Both sides remain uncompiled.