THE REGENTS - "Russian Spy And I" / "Bald Headed Woman" (Dot 45-16970) October 1966

According to 'Teenbeat Mayhem' The Regents originated from Bakersfield, CA but perhaps they relocated to Los Angeles to be where the action is. I don't know for sure, it's just my hunch. Anyway, great information and comments from some group members can be found on Garagehangover.

"Russian Spy And I" was first recorded by Dutch group The Hunters. It's a moody jangler with some fuzz and a fabulous rave-up ending. Hearing a surf styled guitar on record in 1966 must have been something of a flashback in time.

The other side is a version of "Bald Headed Woman" which is a song I've never really liked much no matter who has recorded it. Many acts have issued the song as a single, either A or B side. Perhaps the most famous being The Who version.