THE LICORICE SCHTIK - "The Kissin' Game" / "Flowers Flowers" (Dot 45-17131) August 1968

This obscure single was the work of Milan a.k.a. The Leather Boy and a few other guises. He was undoubtedly a genius who didn't achieve the success he deserved. "The Kissin' Game" is something of a novelty bubblegum dancer and with bubblegum at it's peak in the Summer of 1968 I can't understand how it never took off and became a hit.

The other side is the magnificent psychedelic rocker "Flowers Flowers" It saddens me somewhat that this was the B-Side and probably unheard back in the day. This is perhaps my favourite ever Milan song. The whispered 'flowers flowers' line is so far-out it's untrue. Play this loud and rejoice and make believe it's 1968 all over again.

"Flowers flowers wear them in your hair,
Flowers flowers show me that you care
Flowers flowers wear them everywhere."