THE CLOCKWATCHERS - "Hey It's Summertime" / "Make Me Not Love You" (Dot Records 45-17026) June 1967

Here's another mystery group from the Dot label. I have no idea who The Clockwatchers were, maybe they were not actually a band but a studio creation by songwriter and producer Dick Torst?
Both songs on this disc were written by him with "Hey It's Summertime" my pick. Don't expect anything more than lyte harmony pop with harpsichord, corny lyrics and typical 'Summer of love" Association style bah, bah, bah's.

"Feelin' good and groovy,
Summer's gettin' to me."

Dick Torst also wrote and produced both songs on each of the two singles released by The Chosen Few. Check out "Last Man Alive" and "Asian Chrome" for some wacked-out and strange psychedelia. His 2D Production Company with Dick Parker crop up again on "Knock Knock" by The Humane Society and the late 60s recordings of Rabbit Mackay, including his wonderful "Tendency To Be Free" Another one of his songs is "Childhood Friends" recorded by The Yellow Payges, The Foremost Authority and Teddy & the Pandas. He obviously had some form and was a significant songwriter from the L.A. music scene.

Even more interesting is the 2D production of the beautifully hip psychedelic single by The Children Of The Mushroom, Dick Torst is also believed to have added his backing vocals to their "August Mademoiselle" and "You Can't Erase A Mirror."

Anyway, back to The Clockwatchers. If anyone knows any information about them please get in touch.

Billboard - July 1967