BOBBY ALLEN - "House Of The Rising Sun" / "Orphan Of Love" (Dot Records 45-17079) July 1968

Bobby Allen is a complete mystery to me, I've spent some time researching this disc and have come up with next to nothing. So if anyone can fill me in with some relevant details please get in touch.

"House Of The Rising Sun" seems a strange song to release in mid 1968 as I would have thought that The Animals huge hit with it in 1964 was the only version for your sensory requirements. How wrong was I? Bobby Allen's version is terrific, his vocals are moody and slightly menacing in an outsider kind of way, there is no lengthy organ solo, in fact the organ is a bit too quiet and hidden in the mix. I wish it was louder.

The flip "Orphan Of Love" is a soul tinged mod mover, strangely credited to Alan Price. I just think that Dot Records got the label information the wrong way round as "House Of The Rising Sun" is credited to Bobby Allen - Orlie Trujillo, who released many singles in the early 60s on Band Box.

Monument Records songwriter Bob Tubert produced this disc so perhaps Bobby Allen was a performer from the Nashville area.  


  1. This is apparently the same Bob Allen that recorded for Diamond records (it sounds like him, anyway). He wrote Orphan Of Love and is credited on BMI under the name Bob Kornegay for that song. Perhaps that is the real identity of Bobby Allen.


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